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How to Add a Plan to a Rapyd Subscription

Ude this guide to learn how to add a plan to your subscription.

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Migrating another site to Rapyd? Adding a development site for testing? Creating a marketing site on our Lite plan? Then you'll need to add a plan to your Rapyd subscription before launching a site. After all, that new site needs a place (plan) to live in!

This guide breaks down how to add a plan to an active subscription, so if you're unfamiliar with the hierarchy of Rapyd accounts, subscriptions, plans, and sites, we urge you to review our guide to Understanding Rapyd's Account and Billing Structure prior to adding a plan.

Now, let's get started!

Step-by-step: Adding a Plan

1) Go to the billing section of the dashboard

Log in to the Rapyd dashboard and navigate to the Billing area by clicking the link in the top navigation bar.

2) Select the subscription that you want to add a plan to

Once in the billing area, click View subscription for the subscription that you want to add a plan to.

3) Click the Add plan button

When you access the subscription overview area, you will see all active plans listed. At the top right of the Plans container, click + Add plan

4) Select the plan and level

After clicking + Add plan, a modal window will appear for adding a new plan. In this popup you can select the plan and level that you want to add.

A short description for each plan will appear below, along with the price and any discounts that are active. You can learn more about how to choose the right plan here: Comparing Rapyd Plans

5) Select add-ons

Add optional features like additional storage, backup storage, or network or CDN bandwidth.

6) Confirm and click Add plan

Once you've selected your plan and optional add-ons, you will be shown a summary of the cost of your new plan - both what it costs at the time of adding it, as well as what it will cost each billing cycle.

Click Add plan to finalize the process.

After processing, you will be brought back to your subscription management area, and you will see a message that indicates that the pan has been added successfully.

Next Steps

After you've added your plan, be sure to deploy a website in the plan and request a migration if necessary. Use the following guides for further assistance:

Adding plans is an important step in managing your Rapyd account and subscriptions. If you have any trouble removing a plan from your account, please feel free to contact tour support team for assistance!

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