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Understanding Rapyd's Account and Billing Structure
Understanding Rapyd's Account and Billing Structure

Learn more about the structure of Rapyd accounts and how everything fits together.

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Rapyd's billing system is designed to provide our customers with the flexibility they need to effectively run their businesses, no matter what their needs might be.

Our billing system is made up of three levels: Rapyd Account, Subscription, and Plan. In the image below, you can see an example of what an account could look like with Rapyd. Your account might have only one subscription or it could have multiple subscriptions - it all depends on what your needs are.

Importantly, our system provides the flexibility you need for almost any setup. Read on for a detailed description of each level.

An example of what an account could look like with Rapyd. Note that this example has multiple subscriptions active. The number of subscriptions in your account might differ.

Rapyd Account

This is the top level of your affiliation with Rapyd. An individual Rapyd Account can only be associated with one primary email address, and your dashboard is a representation of your account's space. Within a Rapyd Account, you can add multiple subscriptions if necessary.


This is the second level of our billing structure. Subscriptions live within your Rapyd account. An individual Rapyd Account can have multiple subscriptions if necessary. Each subscription can have only one method of payment, and it can have multiple plans within it.

It is important to note that an individual subscription can only have one billing frequency - Monthly or Yearly. So, if you want to use the same payment method for two different billing frequencies, you would need to have two separate subscriptions.

Using multiple Subscriptions is especially useful for agencies and freelancers who manage websites for their clients and need to add unique payment methods for each of them.


This is the third level of Rapyd's billing system. A plan is what is associated with an individual website. Multiple plans can live in one subscription.

When you add plans to your subscription(s), you essentially add a space that is allocated certain resources where a site can live. It is recommended to create a site as soon as possible after you purchase a plan, as billing occurs based on your active plans, not whether or not a site is created in those particular plans.

It is important to note that when you first sign up for Rapyd, you must select a plan. This will automatically create a subscription where that plan can live within your account.

Important Notes

  • When a plan is added to a subscription, a site is not automatically created. In order to deploy a site in a new plan, please see the following guide: How to Add a Site

That's it! Now that you have a better understanding of how your account is structured and how it ties into billing at Rapyd, you can make decisions that best align with your business' goals. If you're still unsure, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team either directly in your dashboard or at [email protected].

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