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How to Add a Subscription to your Rapyd Account

Learn how to add a subscription to your Rapyd account.

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We've built our billing system to give you the flexibility need to run your business with peace of mind, however that might look.

All sites hosted with Rapyd must belong to a subscription. However, an individual Rapyd account can have multiple subscriptions, which is a great solution for those who need to use different payment methods for clients or need to juggle multiple yearly or monthly subscriptions.

If you haven't already, we recommend checking out our guide Understanding Rapyd's Account and Billing Structure, as it explains how accounts, subscriptions, plans, and sites work in more detail.

In this guide, you can find information on when to add a new subscription, along with how to do it, and what the next steps are.

When to add a new Subscription?

Many customers can live their lives without ever needing more than one Rapyd subscription. However, there are cases when it makes sense to have multiple subscriptions in your Rapyd account. Some examples include:

  • You need to use multiple payment methods

    A subscription can only have one payment method. So, if you wanted to pay for one website with one credit card and another website with a different card (or PayPal), a second subscription would be necessary. This is a reasonable solution for customers who manage hosting for their clients on Rapyd, as client payment methods can be added to the subscription for their site.

  • You need a mix of monthly and yearly plans

    A subscription can only have one billing frequency - either yearly or monthly. So, if you planned to host sites on both yearly and monthly plans, you would need multiple subscriptions.

  • You need different billing dates for sites

    A subscription can only have one billing date. If you preferred to be billed on different dates for different sites, you would need multiple subscriptions.

Step-by-step: Adding a Subscription

1) Go to the billing section of the dashboard

Log in to the Rapyd dashboard and navigate to the Billing area by clicking the link in the top navigation bar.

2) Click + New subscription

3) Select plan and review

After clicking the + New subscription button, you will be taken to the checkout area, where you can specify the plan(s) that you want to add to your subscription, as well as review your order. This area has two main sections:

Plan Selection Area (1)

In this area you can specify the plan(s) and quantity that you want to add to the new subscription.

Order Summary Area (2)

Here you will see a breakdown of your order. This includes the payment frequency, the plan(s) and quantity, discounts, taxes, and the total.

โš ๏ธ Be sure to specify whether you want to pay monthly or yearly on this screen. It's the only place to do it!

When you have selected the plans that you want to add to the subscription, click Continue.

4) Complete your purchase

The final step to this process is adding payment details. You can pay using a credit card or by PayPal. If you have a discount code, you can add it here.

When you have confirmed that everything looks good, click Subscribe now. This will complete the purchase of the new subscription and you will be redirected to your Rapyd dashboard with your new subscription, and the plan(s) that it contains, waiting for you!

Next Steps

After adding a new subscription, we recommend adding a site as soon as possible so you can start taking advantage of the performance that Rapyd offers. The following guides walk you through that processes and more!

This guide covers most cases where you might want to add a separate subscription to your Rapyd account. But, if you notice anything off or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]!

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