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How to Cancel a Subscription

Learn how to cancel your Rapyd subscription from the dashboard.

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We understand—sometime, it's simply not meant to be. or, you might just be shuffling some plans and sites around. Whatever the reason, canceling a subscription from the Rapyd dashboard is quick and easy.

This article goes over the steps for canceling a subscription as well as some important things to keep in mind while completing the process.

Step-by-step: Cancel Subscription

1) Go to the billing section

Log in to the Rapyd dashboard and navigate to the Billing area by clicking the link in the top navigation bar.

2) Select the subscription to be canceled

Once in the billing area, click View subscription for the subscription that you want to cancel.

3) Click Manage next to Subscription

In the top left box of the subscription details view, you will see the subscription total price along with a link that says Manage. Click this link.

4) Select Cancel Subscription

When you click Manage, a popup will appear that prompts you to either select Pause subscription or Cancel subscription. In this case, we want to select Cancel your subscription then click Continue.

What happens next depends on a couple of factors:

  1. If you have active sites in your subscription, you will be prompted to remove all sites from your subscription before proceeding. Check out the following guide to learn how to remove active sites from a subscription: How to Delete a Site

  2. If you have no active sites and are within the 14-day refund period, you will be reminded of this along with information about the refund amount.

  3. If you have no active sites and it is after the 14-day refund period, you will be able to proceed with no refund.

5) Confirm and finalize cancellation

If option 2 or 3 from the previous step are presented to you, simply click Cancel subscription to finalize the process.

Important Information

  • All sites must be removed before a subscription can be cancelled.

  • Only monthly subscriptions can be cancelled from the dashboard. To cancel a yearly subscription, please contact our support team via live chat or at [email protected].

  • If you cancel within 14 days of purchasing a new subscription, you will be refunded the full amount. Learn more about our refund policy here: Refund Policy.

If you run into any issues while trying to cancel your subscription, simply reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to assist you.

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