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Navigating the Team section on the Rapyd Dashboard
Navigating the Team section on the Rapyd Dashboard
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Effortlessly manage and optimize your team's operations with the intuitive Team section on the Rapyd Dashboard. Experience enhanced productivity and control as you navigate through streamlined team management features.

Understanding The Team Section of Rapyd Dashboard

The Rapyd Dashboard's Teams section is a dynamic interface designed to streamline the management and organization of team members within the Rapyd ecosystem. As an integrated segment of the Rapyd dashboard, the Teams section allows users to effectively control, monitor, and manage their team. This includes viewing the total number of active team members, using advanced filtering options to manage visibility, searching for specific members, and inviting new people to join the team.

Furthermore, the Teams section empowers users to assign roles and permissions, regulate access to cloud apps and customer support, and keep track of the status of each member. This robust segment is designed to handle everything from small to large teams, providing real-time insights and management capabilities to ensure smooth team operations.

Advantages of Using Team Section of Rapyd Dashboard

1. Efficient Team Management

The Rapyd Dashboard's Team section offers a one-stop solution for managing all aspects of your team, from inviting new members, assigning roles, and setting access permissions, to suspending or removing members if necessary.

2. Easy Navigation and Search

With a large team, finding specific members can become a hassle. The Team section provides a built-in Member Search Area, allowing you to easily locate any member.

3. Role-Based Access Control

Rapyd Dashboard's Team section allows you to assign specific roles and permissions to each member, ensuring that every member has access to the resources they need and promoting effective and secure team operations.

4. Real-Time Team Monitoring

This section provides real-time updates on the status of your team members, allowing you to see who is active, who has pending invites, and who has been suspended.

5. Inviting New Members

Team section is designed to simplify the process of inviting new members to your team with an easy-to-use interface. Simply enter the invitee's email address, assign their role and permissions, and send the invite.

6. Flexible Filtering Options

The Member Filter Menu in the Team section allows you to adjust the display of team members according to your needs, either showing everyone or selectively filtering out members.

7. Profile Editing and Control

This essential section empowers you with the ability to make changes to team member profiles. It includes altering roles, changing app access, activating or suspending accounts, and even removing members from the team.

Navigating the Team Segment in the Rapyd Dashboard: A Step-by-Step Approach

Step 1: Accessing Rapyd Dashboard

Login to the Rapyd dashboard by entering your email address and password after completing the Registration process. Next click "Login" to access the dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the Team Section

To begin managing your team, first, select the "Team" tab from the header menu.

Step 3: Explore Team Features

When you arrive on the Team page, you'll find a wide range of options designed to provide convenience. The accompanying image illustrates the key functionalities available.

When you land on the Team page you will see various options that you can utilize.

  • Team Name and Image Edit

    You can edit or change the Team Name and add Team logo just by clicking on the pen icon beside team name. (Here Community Connect is the team name).

    A new popup window will appear from where you will be able to change team mane, add or change logo. Finally press the “Save changes” button to finalize your desired team name and logo.

  • Member Filtering

    Using the drop-down filter menu, you have the flexibility to either display all team members or filter them based on specific roles by selecting a role from the list.

  • Member Search

    In case your team expands significantly or spans multiple pages, the search menu becomes a valuable tool, enabling you to instantly find and sort out the specific member you are looking for by typing their name.

  • Inviting New Members

    This section focuses on the process of inviting new individuals to join your team. For a detailed step-by-step explanation, please refer to the instructions provided in Step 4.

  • Column Introduction

    In the Name column, you will find the names of all team members along with their profile pictures and email addresses.

    The Role column indicates the specific assignments or roles assigned to each individual. You can filter the list based on these roles.

    The Status column displays the current activity status of team members. Those who have been invited and accepted the offer will be labeled as "Active," while those who have not responded yet will be marked as "Pending invite". If someone's membership has been suspended for any reason, their status will be shown as "Suspended" in this column.

    The Last Login column shows the latest login date of individual team members.

  • Edit Team Member's Profile

    This section is dedicated to editing the profiles of current team members. As it is closely related to the Member Invitation process, a detailed explanation of this step is provided in Step 5.

Step 4: How to Add New Member to Team

To invite new members to your Team, simply click on the "+ Invite People" button.

Then, A popup will appear, prompting you to enter one or more email addresses to invite people to your team.

After successfully entering the email addresses, press the Next button.

The subsequent screen will require you to choose a role for each member. You will also have the option (depends on which role you choose) to grant access to users for Allow user to create sites in your account and Provide access to customer support.

After completing these selections, click Next again.

If you choose the Member or Billing Manager role and enable the option to Allow user to create sites in your account and Provide access to customer support you will proceed to the next screen.

Otherwise, you will directly go to a page to Send Invites to the members without selecting additional options.

You have the option to select a Specific app or choose All Sites or None from the drop-down menu above. Here you will find two additional check mark box which you can choose before Send your invitation.

Once you have made your selection, click the "Send Invite" button to generate an invitation for the desired person to join the team. Upon successful acceptance of the invitation, the person will be added to your team.

Step 5: How to Edit Team Member's Profile

On the right corner of each profile, except for the admin profile, you will find three dots. Clicking on this icon will display a menu that allows you to perform administrative actions.

As an administrator, you can edit role of the person you invited, suspend their account, and remove them from your team by simply clicking the remove button.

In the edit role option you will find just the same options you see in the select role option.


The Rapyd Dashboard's Team section is a dedicated segment for comprehensive team management. It allows you to view team members, invite new members, assign roles and permissions, monitor statuses, and offer search and filter options for seamless navigation. Administrators have robust editing functionalities for enhanced profile control, ensuring operational security. For businesses leveraging the Rapyd ecosystem, the Team section is a critical component for smooth and efficient team management.

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