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How to Access My Rapyd Account ID

See where to find your Rapyd account ID in the dashboard.

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Your Rapyd Account ID is a unique identifier for the dashboard user associated with your email address. On most occasions, our support team can handle your requests with only your user email address. However, there may be situations where we need your Rapyd Account ID to effectively resolve an account-level issue.

This guide shows you where you can find your Rapyd Account ID.

Where to find my Rapyd Account ID

1) Log in to the Rapyd dashboard, then click the user icon on the top-right of the dashboard.

2) Select Edit Account.

3) Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Account area to find your Rapyd Account ID.

This is the number that you should share with our support team if they have requested your Rapyd Account ID. With this, we will be able to continue troubleshooting any issues that require this unique identifier.

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