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Understanding Overages at Rapyd Hosting
Understanding Overages at Rapyd Hosting
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Navigating the digital world often means expecting the unexpected. At Rapyd Hosting, we understand the importance of keeping your site running even when things get a little heavier than anticipated. This article will outline our approach to overages and how we ensure your digital journey remains seamless.

What Are Overages?

When you exceed the resource limits allocated to your hosting plan, those extra usages are termed "overages." At Rapyd, we never leave you in the lurch when this happens. Instead, we’ve set up a system to ensure continued operations, albeit at an additional cost.

Details of Overages

Here's a breakdown of how we handle and charge for different overages:

  • Disk Space:

    Exceeding your allocated disk space? No worries. For an added fee of $1 per GB, your data remains intact. Monitor such overages through Rapyd dashboard alerts.

  • Backup Storage:
    If you're short on backup storage, we’ve got your back. At just $0.05 per GB, your backups continue to run smoothly. Rapyd alerts keep you updated.

  • Bandwidth:
    Going beyond your bandwidth? Your site remains live and kicking. Overages start at $0.20 per GB, and we'll keep you informed via your Rapyd dashboard.

  • Content Delivery Network:
    Overstepping your CDN limits? Your content delivery stays uninterrupted. At $0.10 per GB, overage charges apply. Notifications will appear in your Rapyd dashboard.

  • Performance Tokens:
    Ran out of Performance Tokens? Keep calm and continue with optimal site performance. Each token comes at an added cost of $4, and our dashboard alerts keep you in the loop.

Staying Informed

Transparency is key. We don’t like nasty surprises any more than you do. So, when you're nearing the capacity limit on any of the resources mentioned above, we'll give you a heads-up.

Beta: Moreover, during our beta period, we're enhancing our tracking features in the Stats page of the Rapyd dashboard. This means you'll soon have an even clearer view of your resource usage.

Handling Extreme Overages

While our general practice is to address overages on your hosting plan’s renewal date, there are exceptional cases where immediate action might be required.

An "extreme overage" is when the extra cost equals or surpasses the price of your hosting plan or hits $500 (whichever is lesser). For instance, if your plan costs $35/month, an extreme overage would mean an added cost of $35 or above.

In such cases, we might request prompt payment of the overage or suggest an upgrade to a more fitting plan. If an extreme overage is not promptly addressed, we maintain the discretion to momentarily restrict access to your site or a specific resource on our servers until a satisfactory resolution is achieved.

At Rapyd Hosting, we aim to provide a frictionless experience, and that includes how we handle overages. Always remember that our primary goal is to ensure your site remains functional and successful. If you ever have concerns or questions about your usage, our dedicated team is always here to help.

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