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Introduction to Rapyd Dashboard Statistics
Introduction to Rapyd Dashboard Statistics
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The Rapyd dashboard includes highly useful statistical information about various hosting and website variables. This includes stats on Traffic, CPU, Ram, Plan, and Backup information. Navigate to Tools > Stats on the dashboard, to find your website's stats.

Plan Storage

This is the amount of storage you get after purchasing your plan.

Backup Storage

Backup storage is the space needed when creating a backup for your. The Backup storage is different from Plan storage.


Your site will be receiving traffic from your customers. The amount of this traffic is displayed here.


The percentage of CPU time used by a given application or instance over a period of time.


RAM usage is monitored by the Rapyd platform to ensure that your website is running optimally. If RAM usage exceeds a certain threshold, Rapyd will automatically can take action, such as by adding more RAM to prevent performance issues.


In conclusion, websites and backup statistics are essential for evaluating performance, optimizing user experience, and ensuring efficient resource utilization. By monitoring these metrics and implementing best practices, organizations can enhance their website and drive user satisfaction.

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