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Creating and Managing Backups
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Rapyd provides an efficient and cost-effective way to store and manage data, but data loss can still occur due to system failures, cyber-attacks, or human error. Backups play an essential role in data security and recoverability.

How to Create a Backup Manually

  1. Select the site that you want to create a backup for.

  2. Once presented with the dashboard, click on the Backups button below on the left side of the dashboard. See the image below as shown.

  3. After clicking on the Backup button, click on the Create Backup button as shown below.

  4. A pop-up will appear that allows you to set a Backup description. This is optional, but once you create multiple backups, setting a description will help to remember why you created the backup.

  5. Click on the Create button as shown below.

  6. After setting the backup, this is how your backup will appear with the date, time, description, and size of the backup. This can then be used to restore or download later on.

How to Change the Backup Schedule

The Rapyd platform takes daily automatic backups. The time can be set from the Backups section of the dashboard - simply click on Change in the Backup Schedule box.

A pop-up will appear that allows you to change to a different time (UTC).


Overall, scheduled backups for your websites can provide businesses with peace of mind knowing that their data is secure and can be easily restored in the event of an unexpected incident.

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