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How to Fix ‘cURL Error 28 Connection Timed Out After X milliseconds’?
How to Fix ‘cURL Error 28 Connection Timed Out After X milliseconds’?
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When working on a WordPress website or any web-based application, you may occasionally encounter the 'cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out' error. This issue can disrupt various operations, including plugin updates, API requests, and other essential tasks. Although it may seem daunting, this guide will simplify the process of resolving the error and getting your website back on track.

The 'cURL Error 28' is one of the commonly faced issues by developers and website administrators. cURL, an essential tool used to make requests between servers, can sometimes falter due to various reasons. This article aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the error, its underlying causes, and actionable solutions. With a clear roadmap, even those with limited technical knowledge can address and rectify this challenge, ensuring smooth website operations.

Understanding the cURL Error 28:

Gain insights into what cURL is and why it plays a pivotal role in web operations. This section deciphers the 'cURL Error 28' to its core, helping readers understand its implications on their website.

Common Causes of the Error:

Before diving into solutions, it's crucial to pinpoint the root causes. From server restrictions to DNS issues and faulty plugins, uncover the varied reasons that might trigger this error.

Effective Solutions to Rectify the Error:

Delve into a set of tried-and-tested solutions to address the 'cURL Error 28.' This segment guides readers through steps like checking server connectivity, tweaking DNS settings, disabling faulty plugins, and adjusting server configurations.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Future Occurrences:

A proactive approach can minimize the chances of facing this error again. Learn about best practices and recommendations, such as regularly updating plugins, monitoring server health, and configuring correct timeout settings.

When to Seek Professional Help:

Sometimes, despite best efforts, errors persist. Recognize when it's time to call in the experts. This section offers guidelines on when and how to seek professional assistance to ensure your website's optimal performance.


The 'cURL Error 28' can be an unexpected stumbling block in a website's operations. However, with a structured approach, identifying its causes and implementing effective solutions becomes straightforward. By understanding the error, applying the suggested remedies, and adopting precautionary measures, website owners can ensure seamless server communications and uninterrupted website functions. When in doubt, seeking professional help can pave the way for smooth, error-free operations.

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