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Getting Started with WooCommerce on Rapyd
Getting Started with WooCommerce on Rapyd

Learn about how to set your site up with WooCommerce on Rapyd.

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WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible eCommerce solution that can transform your WordPress site into a fully functional online store. When integrated with Rapyd, WooCommerce offers an enhanced suite of tools and features to optimize the performance and management of your online business.

This article provides an overview of WooCommerce's benefits and details how to install it on your Rapyd site.

Benefits of WooCommerce with Rapyd

  1. Comprehensive eCommerce Solution

    WooCommerce provides everything you need to create and manage an online store, including product listings, payment processing, and inventory management.

  2. Enhanced Performance

    With the integration of advanced plugins like ElasticPress and LiteSpeed Cache, your site will benefit from faster load times and improved search functionality.

  3. Streamlined Management

    The professional tools included with WooCommerce simplify the management of your store, making tasks like order processing and inventory tracking more efficient.

Key Features and Tools

  1. ElasticPress Plugin

    Supercharge your WooCommerce store with highly-efficient search that offers:

    • Enhanced Search Functionality: ElasticPress significantly improves the search functionality of your WooCommerce store alongside a local Elasticsearch server, offering advanced search capabilities such as relevance-based results, autocomplete suggestions, and faceted search options.

    • Improved User Experience: Enhanced search capabilities help customers find products quickly and accurately, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

    • Scalability: ElasticPress can handle a large volume of search queries efficiently, making it ideal for stores with extensive product catalogs and high traffic volumes.

A minimum of 8GB of memory is generally required to run run Elasticsearch. For this reason, we recommend only running Elasticsearch on Startup Level 1 plans or above.

  1. LiteSpeed Cache for WooCommerce

    An advanced caching system optimized specifically for WooCommerce, featuring:

    • Automatic Caching: Ensures that essential pages like Cart, My Account, and Checkout are not cached, requiring no extra configuration.

    • Smart Purge Technology: Purges the cache of all related category and tag pages when a product's cache is purged, ensuring up-to-date product information.

    • Live Cart: Uses Edge Side Includes (ESI) technology to store each user's cart in their own private cache, with the option to enable or disable this feature.

  2. Rapyd Dashboard Cache Management

    Offers options to configure and clear the cache directly from the Rapyd dashboard, giving you control over your site's performance.

Installing WooCommerce on Your Rapyd Site

There are two ways to install WooCommerce on your Rapyd site:

  1. During the Add Site Flow

    During the initial setup of your site, you can check a box to install WooCommerce. This will automatically install and activate the WooCommerce plugin when your site is deployed.

  2. Installing WooCommerce Later

    If you choose not to install WooCommerce during the add site flow, you can always install it later. Simply add the WooCommerce plugin to your site through the WordPress admin dashboard. Once installed, a WooCommerce section will appear in the left-hand menu of your site's admin dashboard, giving you access to various settings and tools.

Additional Information

  • Rapyd's WooCommerce features are not available on Lite plans.

By integrating WooCommerce with Rapyd, you equip your site with a robust, professional-grade eCommerce platform designed to meet the demands of modern online business. Whether you install WooCommerce during the initial setup or add it later, you will have access to a comprehensive set of tools and features to manage and grow your online store effectively.

For any further assistance or information about installing WooCommerce and its benefits, please refer back to this article or contact our support team.

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