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How to Reset WP Fusion During Site Transfer Freeze
How to Reset WP Fusion During Site Transfer Freeze

Step-by-step instructions on resetting WP Fusion to ensure a smooth site transfer process for Rapyd users.

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As a user, you have versatile options to simplify tasks, including one-click access to the WordPress dashboard.

However, when transferring websites between CRMs via WP Fusion from the WordPress Dashboard, you may encounter issues such as freezing or getting stuck.

Follow the steps below to resolve these problems.

Step-by-Step Process of Resting WP Fusion

Sometimes, WP Fusion may become stuck or frozen when attempting to migrate your site from one CRM to another. The initial step to take if this occurs is to flush Cache.

To do it first, get logged in to your WP dashboard. You can directly login from your website's WordPress panel or you can go from your Rapyd Dashboard as well.

Then hover over to Settings from the left side menu and click on Redis from the submenu.

Upon opening a new window, you'll notice a button located in the bottom right corner labeled "Flush Cache" Simply press this button to finalize the task.

Following that, proceed to click on the adjacent button labeled "Disable Object Cache" to deactivate the object cache.

Navigate to WP Fusion from the left menu of your WP Dashboard. Checkmark the box beside Reset, and then click on "Save Changes" to proceed. Before initiating the reset process, ensure that all of your data is securely backed up.

After successfully resetting WP Fusion, follow the previously described process to access Redis. This time, click on the "Enable Object Cache" button within Redis to re-enable the object cache.

If your problem still remains, contact us for assistance.

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