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What is a dynamic website?
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Dynamic Website Overview

A dynamic website delivers personalized content on-the-spot for each visitor, making it perfect for online stores, social media, or any site that needs to respond to user actions.

It's like a chef preparing a unique dish for each diner based on their preferences, requiring more time and care to ensure safety and quality.

Static website hosting, in contrast, is like a pre-made meal served to everyone; it's faster and simpler because the same pages are delivered to all visitors without any changes.

Static site

Dynamic site


Consists of fixed content, that doesn't change unless manually updated by site editors.

Content is generated in real-time based on user interactions, preferences, or server-side conditions.

Server Processing

Minimal to no server-side processing, most often delivering the same pre-built files and data to every visitor.

Extensive server-side processing to execute application logic, access databases, and renders content dynamically based on user interactions.

Demand on Resources


Requires low resources as files can be easily cached by browsers and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Requires high resources as real-time processing is required for each request.


Easier to maintain, as less backend programming is required. However, updating can be harder as data must be edited individually.

Standard site content could be easy to manage, but introduces the need for more backend programming, database management, and handling of user interactions.


Generally easier to secure if site admins follow proper security practices, as static sites have less server-side processing that can be exploited.

Require a more proactive security approach due to their complexity and the variety of interactions they handle.

How does Rapyd Help?

Rapyd is built specifically for dynamic websites and has a number of features designed to enhance performance and security while making site management as easy as possible.

Learn more about how dynamic sites see speed improvements of up to 300% with Rapyd: Rapyd's performance, management, and security features

Additional Information

  • Because dynamic websites are so resource-intensive, we need to pay special attention to the amount of users on a site or app at the same time. You can learn more about this in the following guide: What is Concurrency and Why is it Important?

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