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The Reason Behind Ticket Submission for Chat Support
The Reason Behind Ticket Submission for Chat Support

Understand the benefits of ticket-based support for resolving your queries with detailed attention and tracking.

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When you're seeking assistance through chat support, you may sometimes be directed to submit a support ticket instead. While chat is an excellent avenue for instant communication and addressing immediate concerns, certain issues require a more in-depth approach. Let's explore why you might be prompted to submit a ticket in these situations.

The Nature of Chat Support:

  • Immediate Response: Chat support is designed for real-time interaction, catering to general inquiries or issues that can be resolved promptly.

  • Concise Communication: Chat windows are designed for brief exchanges, which might not be suitable for explaining or solving complex problems.

Reasons to Transition to Ticket Support:

  • Detailed Documentation: Support tickets provide a platform to document the issue comprehensively. This is beneficial both for troubleshooting and for maintaining a record of the interaction.

  • Complex Issues: Some problems may require the attention of specialized technical teams or more extended periods to resolve. In these cases, a ticket ensures the issue doesn't get lost in real-time chat exchanges.

  • Security Concerns: For issues that involve sensitive information, such as billing details or account-related changes, the ticketing system may offer a more secure method of communication.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Depending on the issue's complexity, it might need to be forwarded to a specific department or expert. Tickets facilitate this process by allowing support teams to categorize and assign them appropriately.

  • Tracking and Follow-Up: Tickets provide a tracking number, ensuring both the support team and the client can follow the problem's progress and any subsequent updates.

Rapyd's Approach:

At Rapyd, the decision to request a client to submit a ticket depends on the issue at hand. This method is not to complicate the process but to ensure that every concern is addressed with the utmost attention and care.


While chat support offers immediacy, not all issues can be efficiently resolved within its confines. Directing users to submit a support ticket ensures that each concern is given the right attention, resources, and solution. It's all part of delivering the best possible service experience.

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