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Do you provide WHMCS for reseller hosting?
Do you provide WHMCS for reseller hosting?
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For those in the reseller hosting industry, tools and platforms that facilitate management and billing are of paramount importance. WHMCS is one such tool that's popular among resellers. In this article, we'll address the question: Does Rapyd offer WHMCS with its reseller hosting services?

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a comprehensive client management, billing, and support platform, tailor-made for online businesses. Primarily used by reseller hosting providers, WHMCS helps automate many aspects of the business, from billing to provisioning new accounts.

The Significance of WHMCS for Reseller Hosting:

For reseller hosting providers, WHMCS simplifies several key tasks:

  • Client Management: Track and manage your clients with detailed records and profiles.

  • Billing Automation: Generate and send invoices, track payments, and send reminders.

  • Support Ticket System: Provide efficient customer support with an integrated ticket system.

  • Module Integration: Integrate with web hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and others.

Does Rapyd Provide WHMCS for Reseller Hosting?

Rapyd values the tools and platforms that its customers find useful. However, as of now, Rapyd does not provide WHMCS as a part of its reseller hosting packages.

Alternatives to WHMCS and Their Advantages

If WHMCS is not available, there are several other tools and platforms that resellers can consider:

  • Blesta: Known for its security and robustness, Blesta is a billing software for hosting providers.

  • ClientExec: An all-in-one solution, ClientExec offers billing, support, and ordering functionalities.

  • HostBill: With a focus on automation, HostBill can handle everything from billing to account creation.

It's essential to assess the specific needs and preferences of your reselling business before choosing the right platform.


While WHMCS is undoubtedly a powerful tool for reseller hosting, it's just one of many solutions available in the market. Rapyd, committed to delivering top-notch hosting services, currently does not provide WHMCS in its offerings. However, businesses have a variety of alternative platforms to consider, each with its own unique advantages.

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