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How to enable "I'm Under Attack" mode in CloudFlare Panel?
How to enable "I'm Under Attack" mode in CloudFlare Panel?
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CloudFlare's "I'm Under Attack" mode is a security feature designed for websites that are experiencing active Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. When activated, it adds an additional layer of protection, displaying an interstitial page to your website's visitors and verifying that they're legitimate users before allowing them access to the site. Here's a guide on how to enable this feature in the CloudFlare panel.

Introduction to "I'm Under Attack" Mode

When a website is under a DDoS attack, it can become slow, unresponsive, or completely unavailable. CloudFlare's "I'm Under Attack" mode helps mitigate these attacks by challenging visitors to ensure they are legitimate.

Reasons to Use "I'm Under Attack" Mode

  • Active DDoS Attack: Use this mode when your website is actively being targeted.

  • Suspicious Traffic Surge: If you notice an unusual increase in traffic that can't be accounted for, this mode can help in protecting your resources.

  • Recommended by CloudFlare: Sometimes, CloudFlare might suggest enabling this mode due to detected threats.

Steps to Enable "I'm Under Attack" Mode

  1. Log in to CloudFlare: Access your CloudFlare dashboard by entering your credentials.

  2. Select the Appropriate Website: From the list of websites linked to your CloudFlare account, choose the site that you want to protect.

  3. Access the Overview Tab: Once you've selected your website, click on the 'Overview' tab.

  4. Enable the Mode: Find the 'Security Level' setting. Click on it and select "I'm Under Attack" from the dropdown menu. The change is instantaneous.

  5. Monitor Traffic: After enabling, you can monitor your website's traffic in the CloudFlare dashboard to see the effects and any threats being mitigated.

Considerations When Using "I'm Under Attack" Mode

  • User Experience: Visitors to your website will see an interstitial page for a few seconds, verifying their legitimacy. This could impact user experience, so it's important to communicate the reason to your audience if possible.

  • Temporary Measure: It's best to use "I'm Under Attack" mode as a temporary measure. Once the attack has subsided, you should switch back to the regular security level to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • Seek Expert Advice: If attacks persist, consider seeking advice from cybersecurity experts or services that specialize in DDoS mitigation.


"I'm Under Attack" mode in CloudFlare is a robust tool to protect your website during active DDoS attacks. While it's an effective measure to safeguard your online assets, remember to monitor its effects and switch back to a normal security level once the threat has passed to ensure optimal user experience.

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